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Last updated: 2022-April-19

Well, the 2021/22 season is over, and I’m in some serious curling withdrawal.  Are you, too? 😉  In any case, I hope everyone has a great summer, despite all that’s going on the world right now 😐.

In 2022/23, my regular curling leagues will likely be some combination of Friday Night Mixed, Saturday morning Sportsmen’s League and Sunday morning Britannia League out of the Victoria Curling Club.




·        60 years young.  Can curl in “Seniors” or “Masters”.

·        Member of the Victoria Curling Club


·        Well over 20 years curling experience.

·        Curl (and dance 😊) younger than my age.

·        Will curl any position, preferring 3rd — but happy to throw the front end, or skip the game.

·        On the better-than-average side of the curve for club-level play.

·        When playing 3rd or 4th I read the line of shot well have no trouble letting the sweepers know what’s needed, and prepare at least one “Plan B” in case the shot isn’t going as planned.

·        On the technical side, I use a stopwatch and work based on tee-hog times if that’s what you’re looking for (sorry, not practiced with back-to-hog times).  Given the opportunity, I’ll call a tap/take-out weight by hog-hog time if the player knows how to throw it.


·        EMail address for sparing is spare@doug-butler.com.

·        For a timely response, text/phone 250-216-0398.  Please avoid leaving a voice-mailtext is much better.

MY AVAILABILITY TO SPARE:  (last updated 2022-April-19).


In 2022:

·       Watch this space for more, after the 2022/23 season is figured out.



For the days when the above says “See Spareboard”:

·       Weekdays:  I find out work shifts 3pm the day prior.  Generally….

·       Weekday Mornings:  I can be available for morning games IF I am contacted before 10am two days in advance.

·       Weekday Afternoons:  Unavailable

·       Weekday Evenings:
·       Usually off work in time to arrive by 6:30pm.  However, I cannot give final confirmation until after 3pm on the prior day.

·       SHORT NOTICE SPARING:  If it’s after 3pm the day prior, please feel free to call/text me.  I’ll know my shift end-time by then and can immediately confirm one way or the other.

·        Saturdays & SundaysUnavailable


Hope to see ya on the ice 😊.